Basic Local Package

Pudong skyline bei Sonnenaufgang, Shanghai, ChinaCompAllianz offers clients with the BLP package a cost-effective local presence in China. BLP services reduce the cost of a local presence by sharing the cost of the infrastructure and resources among CompAllianz’s clients so that the usage is optimized.

BLP Services in detail

  • Basic market research: An initial market research for clients spanning a number of days. The report includes an analysis of client positioning in the market and the chances of success.
  • A 3-page Chinese-language company website in a standard CompAllianz template: the website includes an introduction page, a page describing products and services and finally a page listing contact information. The site can either be hosed on the client’s own server or the client can request CompAllianz to host the Chinese site on a server in China.
  • A managed e-mail address: simple e-mail enquiries to the client’s Chinese e-mail address will be replied to in Chinese by CompAllianz staff. Other e-mail requests will be translated and forwarded to the clients, and then are subsequently replied to as requested by the client.
  • A phone number and fax number in Shanghai: the client will receive both a phone number and a fax number with the Shanghai area code (+86-21-xxxxxx). All phone calls and faxes are answered during Chinese business hours in accordance with the client’s wishes.
  • Representative office with a conference room in the center of Shanghai:
    • The client receives a fully functional office for their exclusive use for up to 5 working days a year. The office is located in an exquisite 5-star high-rise building in downtown Shanghai and has a reception area, a conference room, a hospitality area and several work spaces. The client can use the permanent office’s address and mail to this address will be received by the receptionist.
    • A receptionist: a dedicated receptionist to handle e-mails, answer calls and attend to customers during visits.
    • Company logo: during customer visits, the company logo will be prominently displayed and marketing brochures will be distributed at the reception desk.
  • A Chinese account manager is assigned to the client and will attend up to three customer visits per year on behalf of the client. The meetings will be recorded and the corresponding reports forwarded to the client.
  • Event management in China: A CompAllianz employee keeps the client informed by sending regular reminders and invitations to relevant events in China, such as trade shows, conferences etc.
  • Additional bookable services

    • Travel services: support for the planning, preparation and organization of business trips to China, including hotel reservations and limousine service; the assistance of a Chinese-speaking aide; organization of client meetings.
    • An entire localization of the company website: CompAllianz will help the client to translate their entire company website into Chinese; this website will feature the same structure and content as the German version and will seamlessly integrate into the client’s corporate website.
    • Translation of marketing brochures and documents: All relevant documents such as brochures, user manuals and white papers will be translated into Chinese.
    • Additional use of representative offices or assistance of the Chinese account manager.
    • A detailed market research: CompAllianz (or another professional consulting company) will perform an extensive market research including stratetic analysis, feasibility studies, project plans, the market positioning of the client, risk and opportunity comparison; as well it will include information on contacts of potential customers, resellers and partners etc.
    • Regular access to marketing materials: CompAllianz will send printouts of marketing brochures and other documents to potential customers in China as necessary.
    • Collaborating with our partners from law firms and tax advisors, we offer Advisory Services with regards to legal and tax issues.