Chinesische MünzenA reliable liaison is indispensable for an IT solution provider to develop in the Chinese market. Our partners are distinguished by international business experience, creativity, communication skills and pragmatism.

We aim to failicitate the entry of high tech and IT enterprises into the emerging market that is China by building on the success factors of a digital economy: networking, communication and collaboration.

In order to bring the IT SMEs closer to the booming Chinese market we are looking to exploit our experience in both the Chinese and European markets, strategic governance and contract models as well as the modularization of software architectures to interconnect the two markets more closely. The concept of emergent software leading to a clean and flexible orchestration and safe combination of software units/solutions from multiple vendors as well as internationlization presents an advantage in innovation. Our focus will always remain with the respective client.

By exploiting our extensive customers and partners network, CompAllianz helps leading technology companies to accelerate their sales, increase their revenues and reduce their risks.

CompAllianz offers business development advice and infrastructure services as well as support to high-tech and IT companies entering the Chinese market. This entails preparation and business development as well as assistance in marketing and sales, the establishment of networks and building of the infrastructure necessary to implement our clients’ business plans safely and successfully.

CompAllianz is a trusted advisor owning both the expertise and the local network of qualified resellers, OEM partners and human resources to support our clients in laying the foundation for success in the Chinese market. Exploiting the synergies among our clients, our services are modular as well as cost-effective.