Market Entry Incubator

Ein Handschlag, im Hintergrund die Chinesische FlaggeThe MEI service package assists the client in entering the Chinese market in controlled phases, starting with a small investment to test the market. If positive feedback is received the investment is increased in stages. This allows the client to position himself in the market and at the same time limit himself to a reasonable risk. CompAllianz is willing to invest in some of the costs relating to the MEI service package.

MEI Services in Detail

Market Research Phase

A detailed market research: CompAllianz performs a detailed and thorough market research which includes a strategic analysis, a feasibility study, a projet plan, the market positioning of the client, an assessment of risks and opportunities as well as information or contacts relating to potential pilot customers, resellers and partners, etc. Following the market research, CompAllianz will assist the client in making a “go” or “no-go” decision for the next phase.

Preparation Phase

  • BLP service: use of the entire BLP service package
  • Localization of hardware or software, if necessary: in case product localization for the go-to-market is called for, CompAllianz will help the client in outsourcing this process to a local provider. Throughout the entire process CompAllianz will provide assistance with regard to the following: contract management, negotiations pertaining to terms and conditions, requirements management and quality assurance.
  • Recruitment of key personnel for business development: CompAllianz assists the client in searching for experienced sales people and employs them on behalf of the client. The sales staff are required to deliver sales leads or generate sales pipelines for the client; they are remunerated on a freelance basis.
  • Advisory on funding opportunities: CompAllianz will advise its clients on funding opportunities offered by both local and international venture capital firms, commercial funds and the Chinese government.

Market Entry Phase

  • Registration of a local entity: CompAllianz will help the client to establish a functional office in China. This subsidiary can be opened in one of the following ways: a Representative Office (RO), a Joint Venture (JV), or a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE). CompAllianz will advise on all legal and tax issues related to the establishment of a subsidiary and, upon request by the client, its operation.
  • Interim management of the subsidiary: CompAllianz will take over the operational management of the subsidiary, including tax and legal issues, finances and banking, as well as HR issues.
  • Building of technical expertise: CompAllianz will assist its clients in building a team of technical experts in China. This team will be necessary in order to prive presales and customer support in China.
  • Recruitment of key executives: CompAllianz will assist in the recruitment of suitable executives, such as a Managing Director and a Sales Director, from among the human resource market in China.
  • Reseller/Distributor Management: CompAllianz will identify relevant resellers and/or distributors and manage relationships with each group on behalf of the client.
  • Sales and Marketing: CompAllianz will run the operative marketing and sales according to the guidelines and objectives given by the client.