Market Entry into an Emerging China

Chinesische Karte

Owning a population in excess of 1.3 billion, 300 million households and enjoying an annual growth of more than 8 percent, China is one of the growing markets of the future. More and more Chinese companies such as Huawei and Lenovo are among the top 500 companies in terms of revenue according to Fortune Global 500. There are also numerous smaller companies, largely unknown in Germany, operating on an international scale. Metropolitan areas such as Beijing and Shanghai each boast over 20 million inhabitants and are rapidly counting among the largest urban markets in the world, home to young populations well versed in IT.

There are many reasons European companies hesitate to enter the Chinese market; geographic distance, language, vast cultural differences and China’s complex business structures present formidable difficulties in building an enterprise. However, successful international expansion necessitates a presence in China in order to make use of the possibilities offered by this emerging market.

CompAllianz will help you to evaluate your business opportunities, outline an appropriate strategy to enter this new market and to successfully establish your business. In particular, we focus on bridging the considerable gap between the German and Chinese cultures and to keep an eye on all relevant aspects. For example we arrange business trips to selected potential customers and facilitate quick relations with Chinese authorities.

Furthermore, we will assist you in developing a sales and marketing strategy tailor-made to suit the Chinese market based on our extensive expertise and the collaboration of CompAllianz in Chinese as well as German networks offering local presence in both China and Germany.

Business Incubator Services China

CompAllianz Business Incubator is focused on providing services for IT solutions, so that the global linkage between markets scaled. We help you to develop strategies to plan and execute their transformation, as well as ensure an appropriate quality through monitoring processes.

An overview of our capabilities, please see the table below:

Basic Local Package Market Entry Incubator Premium Advisory Services
Local Presence Market Entry in Phases (Risk Reduction) Trusted Senior Advisor with respect to clients’ requirements
Chinese company website Market Research Market entry and further development
Basic market research Preparation Phase Strategic Business Development
Managed E-Mail-Address and telephone in China Market Entry Phase Partner and Channel Development
Representation office in Shanghai with reception Inclusive of Basic Local Package Sales and marketing representation
Modular Services
  • China Business Field Trip
  • Globalisation of an IT Product
  • Travel Support