Premium Advisory Services

Die Ting Kau Brücke in Hong KongThe PAS package is designed for clients who already have a presence in China, or those who already have their own market entry strategy and are in middle of implementation. In these cases CompAllianz can provide additional benefits through its bilateral cultural background.

The PAS-package offers a dedicated advisory team tailored to the specific needs of each client. We assist clients in identifying their business goals and match the necessary steps to support their individual business plans to the greatest extent possible.

PAS Services in detail

Market Entry and Development

CompAllianz provides end-to-end assistance in go-to-market monitoring: to better understand the market, develop the right strategy, engage customers and partners, obtain initial lighthouse projects, negotiate with potential customers and partners – all within a risk-controlled model in which CompAllianz shares both clients’ interests and investments.

Strategic Business Development

Doing business in China often requires measures other than the well-known traditional sales and business development approach. Be it technology licensing, OEM and private labelling, global strategic alliances or joint ventures, CompAllianz will help clients develop the right strategy for a successful outcome.

Partner und Channel Development

Having just the right network of partners in China is a critical factor for success. CompAllianz has the expertise necessary to help clients identify which partners best suit their needs in any given region. CompAllianz then offers assistance in developing within shortest time frame possible a network of partners tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

Corporate Development

M&A, strategic investments and joint ventures can be decisive measures in running or expanding activities in China. Alongside an experienced investment partner, a strong network and in-depth expertise CompAllianz can quickly identify the right targets for clients and achieve successful transactions.

Sales and Market representation

A comprehensive local presence for the client: from sales and business development to technical support, marketing and administration; CompAllianz offers a full-range, modular solution to the challenges for the client in the Chinese market until such time as a client is ready to take over these issues.

Market Assessment and Strategy

Analysis and recommendations for: the proper “fit” regarding a client’s presence China, the right timing, the most suitable partner, the most promising regions, the brest and most easily accessible customers. Are the products and services offered both suitable and competitive in the targeted market? Periodic reviews of the overall market strategy and therefore optimal control of investments in China.